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This is to announce the call for papers for publication in the Benpoly Journal of Management, Science and Technology. It is a peer review journal which is established to provide a platform for all categories of professionals in the Management, Science and Technology sector, interested in keeping themselves and the world updated with current issues around the various disciplines. BENJOMST publishes original empirical research, practical developments as well as theoretical articles on topical issues of concern to the management, science and technology fields.
The journal has the mission to be a respected and veritable source for current research and reports on innovative thinking in the various professions in Nigeria and beyond.

Benpoly Journal of Management, Science and Technology welcomes original, unpublished articles not under consideration for publication elsewhere. All submitted manuscripts shall undergo double-blind peer review process in which the identities of the reviewers are withheld from the authors.
Authors should submit their manuscripts in MS-Word format by e-mail file attachment. The title, author’s name, position and place of work should appear on the front page while other pages should include an abstract not more than 200 words. Articles should fall within 10-20 pages.
Manuscripts that do not adhere to stipulated guidelines will be returned for correction and re-submission. References and notes should be indicated in the text by names of authors and dates of publication in brackets. The list of references should be provided in alphabetical order at the end of the text.
Manuscripts should be sent directly to the Editor-in-Chief Dr. Nathaniel A. Oche,
REFERENCES and notes should be indicated in the text by names of authors and date of publication in brackets. The list of references should be listed in an alphabetical order at the end of the text.
References to journal articles should be in the following order: Author(s), date, title, journal’s name, volume number, issue number and pagination, inclusive e.g.
Ejeh, D., & Ioryem, T.N(2020). Information as a critical source of development: Resource development through the Ages. Journal of Information Science and Development, 3 (1) 22-27.
References to books should be in the following order; Author(s), date, title, place of publication, publisher, pagination, e.g. :
Olotu, B.O. (2020). Understanding Scholarly Communication in the Digital Age. Makurdi: Aboki Publishers, 35p.
References to contributors in collected works should be in the following order; Authors, date, title of contribution, name of the editor, title of the collected works, place of publication, publisher and pagination, inclusive e.g. :
Nongomin, J. and Oche, Rita(2021). Towards building a sustainable public relations Infrastructure in Nigeria. In: Abechi, Yusuf (ed.) The Information sector and Development Challenge in Africa. Aokpe: Etuka Press pp. 36-44
The Journal shall be published once a year. The deadline for paper submission shall be 3th June 2024.
Authors of submitted articles shall be required to pay the sum of N2000 after the first level assessment of papers. Authors of accepted articles shall pay the sum of N20,000 as a publication fee.

Dr. Nathaniel A. Oche
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