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entry requirements
Before being admitted into any of our programmes, a candidate must satisfy the minimum entry requirements of the polytechnic, and must normally also satisfy, where applicable, the special course requirements of the particular school and / or Department to which entry is sought. The following qualifications will satisfy the minimum entry requirements to the polytechnic:

a. For ND courses a minimum of four credits in the SCCE, General Certificate in Education, NABTEB, NECO or their equivalence at credit level.
b. For HND courses, a candidate must possess a good ND (minimum of lower credit level) from a recognized polytechnic or college of technology. ND at pass level will be accepted only in exceptional circumstances. Any certificate that the Academic Board deems sufficient would be acceptable.
c. For admission into the certificate course, a candidate applying for any certificate course must be sure he satisfies the Department’s entry requirements for the course.

A candidate with less than 4 credits in GCE, SSCE or its equivalent, may qualify for pre – ND course in a vocation of his own choice. Such a candidate must however satisfy the Department’s entry requirement for each vocation.
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